Product Strategy: Positioning

At L'Oreal, we always believe that everyone desire to perfect. So, we focus on the cosmetics with our power to produce it quality. And, our mission is giving all customers and consumers (However, men or women) around the world go to their goal and express their image with the perfect character by our products. This is the value of our business. We are so proud with L'Oreal's work. Because we feel so happy, If our consumers satisfy in our brands.
So, our mission couldn't success. If we have the prejudice. At L'Oreal, we have the fully belief that everyone have their own personality. However, they have many differences with others. But, we really to give you an opportunity to be perfect and confident in this World Wide by our quality products. 
We believe that differences but not disintegrate. So, we estimate 3 line products to our positioning.
- Consumer product: For teenagers and young women.
- Professinal products: For hair salon and hairstylist.
- Luxury products: For men and women with high quality products.
We are very please to create many line of products and brands for the most suitable. 
Because, all of you worth with it